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I have grounded myself since I had kids. I have struggled with even more fear about traveling and being away because I think I can’t do anything stupid, by my own choice, that would cause my kids to have to grow up without me. Motherhood has been the perfect soil in which to grow my roots of fear.

But I have this person in my life now (my Sacred Other) who encourages me to be more, to do more, to live outside and beyond my fear. If my spirit is calling me to do something, he helps quiet all of the reasons my head can invent to remain paralyzed. Small. Less. He sees the other part of me that I dream of celebrating on a more regular basis. The real me. The brave me. The loving me.

We found a festival that looks absolutely amazing. Exactly the kind of energy we long to be in and around and another perfect location to premiere my new yoga inspired line. And, it’s called the Ahimsa Yoga Festival. Perfect! It’s in New York. I live in Atlanta. uh oh.

I wish I could tell you that I am so spiritually advanced that I have no fear or I always make decisions completely based in love and that I am always at peace. Actually, I no longer wish that because I have changed what I think of as spirit-filled. Once it meant those things to me…fearlessness, pure love, peace…but now, it has more meaning as being authentic, real, raw, not afraid to feel even if it is fear and yucky, unenlightened things. I am me, in all of my mess and beauty, and you are you in the same. And we are amazing.

So, I have come up with every reason not to go and they have all been easily resolved. I had to admit that it’s just the two of us…fear and me. What is there to be afraid of? The mind can create anything. But, I have decided to move forward, because it feels right to my soul and that is the voice I want to heed.

I hope you will consider joining us for the Ahimsa Yoga Festival. It is in the beautiful Catskill Mountains. There will be plenty of yoga as well as dancing, hiking, meditation, speakers, workshops and the artists market. I am so excited about traveling and spreading the love and message of my jewelry in such a restorative nurturing environment.

Hope to see you there!

Ahimsa Festival with AhimsaDesigns.com

This is our original Featured Design for the Ahimsa Music & Yoga Festival 2014. Hot Off The Bench!