Ahimsa Designs – Artisan Vegan Jewelry Designs by Kristen Anderson

Since my business began, my jewelry making has been a metaphor for my life. At first, hesitant, unsure, following what’s already been done. Gradually finding footing, becoming more independent and beginning to recognize my own unique abilities and gifts. Eventually, learning to express myself, taking risks and accepting the consequences…creating with gratitude, openness, love and passion.

It’s easy to become content with the status quo. You blend in, you’re easy to get along with and there is little chance of rejection. In many ways, life is easier. But there is also, for some of us, a nagging feeling of emptiness, a longing. What does it take to live out your passions, to allow your beliefs to become actions, to take a chance and not always be the person everyone expects you to be…to be the one only you were created to be?

I remember her, the girl with unwavering convictions, with crazy thoughts and a knowing that she could change the world around her. Then the world brought her to her knees, picked her up and led her into a world of contentment. A place full of ease and gratitude, a cocoon preparing her for the next phase.

So, I have cleaned out closets and drawers full of the old, laid it bare for others to claim, and feel more freedom to pursue my passions. I can’t wait to introduce my new jewelry line in the fall! It will have more of me in it than anything I’ve offered before and it will be made with love and conviction.