Ahimsa Designs – Artisan Vegan Jewelry Designs by Kristen Anderson

Artist Statement: Kristen Anderson

Designing and creating jewelry has taken me on a magical path of self-discovery. The challenges and growth I have experienced in my life have been echoed over the last decade in the process of creating jewelry. The act of creating begins in the mind and the heart and requires loving openness. The technical skill follows as the hands work to put together what the mind has seen. Quite often, something unseen and unexpected appears instead.

All of the creating is made meaningful when there are those to accept it, love it, value it, be changed by it. I’m so very thankful that the love I put into creating jewelry touches something in those who wear it. It weaves our stories together and reminds us that we are all connected in beautiful and mysterious ways.

I am committed to mastering my craft and constantly evolving as an artisan by challenging myself technically, conceptually and visually.


Kristen Anderson is proud to be a member of the prestigious Artisan Group



I am proud to be a member of the prestigious Artisan Group.