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Burning Things

I’m watching the leaves fall today. Is it the act of letting go or being released? Each burst of wind brings an ephemeral dance, with the leaves, trees, air and other unseen elements at play.

I’ve been cleaning out lately. Deciding what is essential. Understanding why I hold onto things. Objects tied to happy memories, significant […]

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Wonder, Wildness and the Pursuit of Making Things Happen

I have much to be grateful for this New Year. More than most people realize. More than I can even fully comprehend. I have a chance to start over. To gather up all of the dark corners, the rivers of panic and disbelief that once looked like fear and despair but are now courage and […]

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Art, Connection and Fighting My Ego

I am fighting with my ego. Again.
During what should have been a productive day in my studio, I decided to ramble on in my own mind about what defines art. I started piecing together snippets from different conversations with people I admire, creatively and personally. I am trying to make peace with this girl in […]

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