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A Thanksgiving Gift For You!

I’ve been thinking lately about the collective sadness of the world. I have felt powerless in the midst of incomprehensible suffering. Maybe you have felt that too?

I have been inspired by stories of courage and hope and find myself wondering…what can I do?

As a mom I know I have the ability to create great […]

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Burning Things

I’m watching the leaves fall today. Is it the act of letting go or being released? Each burst of wind brings an ephemeral dance, with the leaves, trees, air and other unseen elements at play.

I’ve been cleaning out lately. Deciding what is essential. Understanding why I hold onto things. Objects tied to happy memories, significant […]

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Kindness is Free and So Are These Bracelets!

September 1st-September 12th, buy a Wrap Bracelet and gift one for FREE to a friend!

 dream * love * hope * live * courage * peace

Know anyone who could use some encouragement?


I want to pay it forward and see how far we can take this together to add a little joy to someone’s day.

Someone you love, […]

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Did You Feel That Today?

This is the first day that I felt the air change.

Waking up the house felt crisp.

Stepping outside the cool air invigorated me enough to inspire me to go for a walk.

{The fact that my thoughtful son suggested I walk in the opposite path of his bus stop so that I wouldn’t get hit […]

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