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Art, Connection and Fighting My Ego

I am fighting with my ego. Again.
During what should have been a productive day in my studio, I decided to ramble on in my own mind about what defines art. I started piecing together snippets from different conversations with people I admire, creatively and personally. I am trying to make peace with this girl in […]

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Ahimsa Yoga Festival 2014

I have grounded myself since I had kids. I have struggled with even more fear about traveling and being away because I think I can’t do anything stupid, by my own choice, that would cause my kids to have to grow up without me. Motherhood has been the perfect soil in which to grow my […]

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I have decided to branch out this fall. When I changed directions with my business a couple of years ago, I kept doing the same arts and crafts shows I had always done. I love seeing and talking with my regular customers, but I decided to leave my comfort zone and spread the love to […]

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