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Happy Earth Day!

I am extraordinarily grateful to be experiencing my first Earth Day in a community that actually celebrates this day. There were so many activities in our community this weekend that it was difficult to choose which ones to attend. Today we checked out the Decatur Earth Day Celebration in Oakhurst. It filled me with hope to see so many people celebrating, vendors educating and children participating in activities to improve our communities and planet! I was so excited that our children’s school, The Sudbury School of Atlanta, was there educating people about the wonderful opportunities they offer!

Happy Earth Day from Kristen Anderson

I love having a day when we can contemplate our sense of responsibility to this world, as individuals as well as communities. We can learn about gardening, saving resources, recycling, consuming less, avoiding processed food and many, many other ways to help each other and Mother Earth. All of these are incredibly important and necessary.

Ultimately the most radical act to honor this planet and all who live on it is to be vegan. I was vegetarian for most of my life, somehow oblivious to the suffering and death caused from dairy production. Once I learned this, there was no other option for me than to immediately give up ALL animal products. I was vegetarian because I love and respect all life…I struggle with the guilt I feel for participating in the suffering of any living being. In order to create positive change, I have to let that go and focus on what I can do now, which is all we really have anyway.

Being vegan saves lives, reduces suffering and also requires fewer resources. This is an informative quick read that highlights how being vegan helps the planet.

As a family we make decisions that we hope help the planet and cause no harm. You can read more about our attempts to practice ahimsa here.

As a business we feel a deep responsibility to do our part to practice doing no harm and spreading a message of love, kindness and hope. I started my jewelry company over a decade ago, when our first child was born. I left my job as a therapist to stay home with her. Motherhood awoke my feelings of creativity and artistry and so I took a chance and started my own business designing and creating jewelry. I loved creating pieces that brought beauty into people’s lives. As the business grew and I did more research I became concerned with the way some of the materials were sourced and what that was doing to the individuals and communities involved as well as the damage it was doing to the earth. I decided I could no longer run a business if I knew it was bringing harm in any capacity. I continued to research options, hoping to find a way to continue doing what I love, and finally found suppliers that held the same beliefs I did and produced only recycled raw materials. I found ways to recycle my own silver and copper scraps so that nothing is ever wasted or discarded. I discovered how to ensure to the best of my abilities that any gemstones and components I use are fair-trade and ethically sourced, providing a living wage and safe working conditions for those involved in their production. I invested in packaging that is eco-friendly, biodegradable or reusable. I began to see the jewelry as a means of connecting with others and spreading a message of love and light in addition to being aesthetically pleasing.

I want every day to be Earth Day in our home, for our business. I want to raise children who will be conscious, intentional and kind. I want people to believe that we can make a difference, that we are growing and the light is spreading.

I hope you find a meaningful way to celebrate this special day. My deeper hope is that we all find a way to make everyday significant and that we contemplate how we are helping with the healing of our planet, our communities and our own spirits.

I wish you Love and Light on this beautiful day! (Check out our 2013 Earth Day design here.)


Earthday Fun with Kristen Anderson