Cruelty Free Jewelry: Our Earth-Friendly & Eco-Conscious Commitment

Kristen’s designs come from a desire to raise consciousness in the world around us. Through hand-stamped messages that promote veganism, risk taking, following your heart, loving, dreaming, becoming, it is our hope that we can all remind each other how to live with awareness and intention. Many of the designs are inspired by sacred geometry, zen aesthetic principles and transforming philosophical principles.

The sourcing and trading of materials as well as the impact on the planet of all of our business practices are extremely important to us. We use only recycled or reclaimed silver to avoid new mining which harms the earth as well as the people working in unsafe conditions. When we use gemstones or other additional components, we source them so that we are guaranteed that they are fair-trade and the people involved are working in safe conditions and being paid a living wage.

All of our packaging is from recycled materials and is biodegradable. We use no animal products and are 100% cruelty-free. We are constantly reviewing our office practices to do the least harm in the way we manage paperwork, printing and shipping. We also review studio processes so that we can find ways to reduce the use of any harmful chemicals and find the most organic, natural processes and materials possible.

We love all living things…the planet, our children, and you…so we want to keep every aspect of our business as life-affirming as possible.


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