Ahimsa Designs – Artisan Vegan Jewelry Designs by Kristen Anderson

Change is the one thing of which we can be sure.  I still have the note my grandmother wrote to tell me this when I was dreading college graduation and leaving the comfort and safety of a world in which I was at ease.

For some, change creates anxiety, fear, sadness.  So, why would we choose to make profound changes that shake the very roots of our being?

It’s easy to fall asleep in life.  To be seduced by comfort, routine, predictability;  thankful for the sense of security it all brings.  We start to think that grasping at safety is the purpose of life rather than growing, becoming, flying.

Occasionally, we stir, begin to open our eyes and then drift off again.  The way looks hard and steep and requires work and discomfort.  Rarely, lightning strikes and there is no denying the transformation that has begun.  The knowing that things will never be the same.  Once it hits, there is no going back.

When a conscious person falls asleep, the return to self, or the awakening, can be a magnificent event, shaking the surrounding earth.  What at first feels like falling into the chasm created by the shift, later appears as more of an enfolding, an invitation to everyone affected to change and grow, even if we go unwillingly at first.

The jewelry I create echoes the journey of my spirit.  The changes in my personal and spiritual life find expression in my art.  And so, it is a new beginning into the unknown.  A new business name, a new commitment to compromise less.  I am taking the risks to live the passionate life I have longed for, the quiet aching I have ignored for so long finally recognized. The thrill of discovering what life can look like when I follow my heart.

I want everything about my jewelry production to reflect the passion and convictions I have in every other part of my life.  I want to respect all life, to show kindness and love to every being, to protect and care for the earth, to allow my children to grow with a sense of wonder about life as I model a conscious lifestyle, to send positive messages of love and light into the world, to be fulfilled so that I can bring something only I can give to the world…me.

It is my hope that you will join me on this journey, wherever you are on your path.  When we all bring our light to the world, we can make profound changes.  And change, even when it knocks us down with fear and trembling, may end up giving us the courage to fly.

Come fly with me…


Pictured above: “Awakening” by Chris Canova