Ahimsa Designs – Artisan Vegan Jewelry Designs by Kristen Anderson

I am frequently asked why I am vegan.  Why I am so passionate and insistent that our household be vegan.  It has been a lifestyle choice that has been the basis for relationships ending and beginning.  For relocating my family, completely changing my business and clarifying the meaning in my life.  No small thing.

There are many arguments for embracing a vegan lifestyle.  Many people decide to eat a certain way for their health. Other people do it to help alleviate the impact that consuming meat and dairy have on the environment and the lives of those across the planet.  For me, there is just no other choice.

As a child, I told my mom that as soon as I left the house and was responsible for providing food for myself that I would not eat meat again. I became a vegetarian when I left for college at 18. I have had a few missteps along the way.  Two times in my adult life I have eaten meat, both times in a desperate attempt to alleviate mysterious medical conditions.  They were horrific and memorable.   Did I feel better physically?  Perhaps.  But spiritually, I was crushed.

I am vegan because I believe all beings have a right to live.  I vehemently desire to cause the least harm to this earth and all on it during my time here.  I aspire to embody kindness and compassion.  Something I am unable to do while consuming the byproduct of death and suffering.

For me veganism is about embracing life, celebrating the present moment, showing compassion for all living things and knowing I am at least attempting to do no harm by coexisting on the earth.  It is critical to my spiritual beliefs and practice and is essential for me to be fully me.

I have to admit that I struggle…more with showing compassion towards humans than animals.  I fight not to judge or criticize those who are not vegan.  I don’t understand it and it breaks my heart to think that people are contributing to the suffering of an innocent being. I want to accept people exactly where they are on their journey and show love.

Compassion to ALL living beings.  Animals as well as those who eat them.  That’s big love.

Let’s start a revolution…love, no matter what.

♥ K