Ahimsa Designs – Artisan Vegan Jewelry Designs by Kristen Anderson

Last week I attended the funeral of one of my very first and most special customers.  Kind and beautiful, she and her husband encouraged and supported my business from the very beginning.

At my first arts and crafts festival nine years ago, I was still learning about the logistics of working a show.  I was under-prepared for the strength of the wind that day and was spending more time holding down the tent than talking to anyone who entered  the booth.  This couple and their daughter each held a leg of my tent until I could get things under control.  After that they quickly became frequent customers, coming to the house, instead of the studio, for orders and purchases.  My children knew them and loved to hide the minute they pulled up.

At her service I was profoundly moved by the way her family embraced me.  They shared with me how much her jewelry meant to them, their memories of her wearing it and the way it was now a means to help keep her close.

This is no small thing.  I truly believe that the energy and love we put into any act of creation is passed on.  For me, if it’s a bad day and I am not feeling it, I put down the hammer, drill, pliers, torch.  I find something else to do or a way to center myself again.  Every piece has to go out with Love.  Last week I remembered why.

I ache for her family, for the loss everyone who knows her feels.  But I am comforted knowing that they have small tokens to help them feel her spirit.

Everything we do matters.

To creating with Love,