Ahimsa Designs – Artisan Vegan Jewelry Designs by Kristen Anderson

September 1st-September 12th, buy a Wrap Bracelet and gift one for FREE to a friend!

 dream * love * hope * live * courage * peace

Know anyone who could use some encouragement?


I want to pay it forward and see how far we can take this together to add a little joy to someone’s day.

Someone you love, someone you barely know, someone you dislike,

let’s start a chain of love! Once these ripples are set in motion, we will never know all that

comes from one simple act of kindness. These bracelets are unisex and adjustable to fit most wrist sizes. (Just let

me know if you think you need a substantially smaller or larger size, no problem.) They are perfect for everyone!


Here is how it works:

1.) Purchase a Wrap Bracelet from our Etsy shop. Indicate with the words MY BRACELET in the “Notes to Seller” section if you would like to change the word/color combination (there are 6 color options and 6 word options) or leave blank if you want the bracelet just as it is shown. We will process your order and ship the bracelet to you.


2.) Also in the “Notes to Seller” section, enter MY FRIEND followed by the word and color you would like for your friend’s bracelet. Also enter your friend’s name, complete address and email in the “Notes to Seller” section.


3.) We will automatically ship one bracelet to your friend, for free! The package will also include a card saying who sent the gift.


4.) Next, SHARE the stories that come from this campaign! Whether you’re the giver or receiver, post your photos and stories on our social media channels.

(Facebook: FB.com/AhimsaDesigns & Instagram: Instagram.com/ahimsadesigns)


5.) Post a photo (or video of the bracelets, TAG your friends and @ahimsadesigns and use the hashtags #AhimsaWrap & #AhimsaDesigns. You’ll then have a chance to be featured on our Website and Social Media Channels.




“A purposeful act or extension of kindness to another is never wasted, for it always resides in the hearts of all involved in a chain of love.”

~Molly Friedenfeld



Small Print:

  • Offer valid 9/1/15 – 9/10/15.
  • Good for Wrap Bracelet only.
  • No promo code needed.
  • May take 5-7 days to ship.
  • One free bracelet per one bracelet purchased at full retail value.
  • Unlimited per customer