Ahimsa Designs – Artisan Vegan Jewelry Designs by Kristen Anderson

Ahimsa Designs by Kristen AndersonI am frequently asked what is AHIMSA? Or, how do you say/spell that? I love learning new things and I also love sharing anything that I may have to offer. I am grateful that our company name starts so many conversations that allow me to share my understanding of the term ahimsa and why it is so important to me.

Ahimsa is a Sanskrit word that means do no harm, or literally the avoidance of violence. It is kindness towards all living beings because we are all connected.

This principle guides everything that we do as a family and a business. It is why we try in every way to avoid participating in animal cruelty. How we choose to spend our resources makes a difference so we intentionally support organizations and ways of life that spread love to all living beings.

It means we prepare almost all of our meals at home, rescue bugs when they get in the house and respect nature in every way possible. I want to teach my children to be kind and loving and to make the world a better place.

We are by no means perfect. We are all works in progress. Some days are better than others. But our goal everyday is to be our most authentic, loving higher selves so that we can be a light in the world, to bring positive change in our family, community and ultimately the larger fellowship of all beings.

My business is an extension of my family, so the same principles apply..do no harm. I am diligent about knowing the source of my raw materials, ensuring that each one is ethically sourced and mined if it is a material that is not able to be recycled such as a gemstone. I use only recycled raw materials…copper and silver and melt down or return all of my scrap to be used again. I use biodegradable plastic bags and reusable canvas bags for my packaging. I am mindful of all of my practices on my bench, always looking for ways to improve and reduce my footprint.

I also practice ahimsa in the way I regard my customers. Each one is a real person with a life, a story and contribution to this world. I am sincerely grateful for and interested in each one. I want my jewelry to help tell your stories, to help remind you of who you are so that you can help spread the message of love, kindness and hope to this world that needs it so very much.

Love and Light,